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Network based control digital signage. Realtime update.

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First in the Philippines.
Taxi digital signage.

An Effective Media Attention

By showing the video in the mid-force in an enclosed space, it is an effective way to attract attention of the audience.

Placed strategically in front of Passenger

The distance of the display is approximately 80 cm away from the passenger and serve as the fundamental inside the taxi that delivers video to passenger.

Average riding time is 30〜40 minutes

Taxi is one of the main public transportation , passenger stays inside the taxi for approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Advertisement spec

Screen layout of several offers to AirVision. The image below is a layout example using the 3 kinds of material.


Video files, supports MOV, MP4, MPG, MPEG, AVI, to WMV. In the case of 16:9, the resolution of 1024px x 576px or more, In the case of 4:3, please provide a video resolution of 768×576 or higher.


Image files, supports JPG. Please provide an image with a resolution of 256px x 600px. I can also switch the image in seconds.


The text corresponds to the display of up to 60 characters maximum per 15s.

15s per spot

15 seconds material is equivalent to 1 spot.

Clients Gallery

Please see the video of the customers who use the AirVision.